1st Multiplier Event

The 1st Multiplier Event took place in Poland, Gdynia, on March 22-23, 2022. The event was organized with the support of NATO Deep Academy and the involvement of the Polish Naval Academy. The event featured the first intellectual output of the project.
During the 2 days of activity were presented ways to develop educational materials dedicated to the teaching / learning process with the help of eXelearning but also ways to implement AR and VR systems in the educational process.


1st TPM online

Due to the pandemic situation, the first TPM was conducted in online format through the Teams platform. It was the second online meeting of the coordinating teams but the first planned on the Gantt chart. The meeting was attended by institutional directors and project team members from the 4 partner universities. On the agenda were the restoration of the planning of the project activities in accordance with the pandemic and the way of action throughout the project.

2nd TPM

The second TPM was held in hybrid format at Vasil Levski National Military University and Henri Coanda Air Force Academy in September 2021. The meeting was attended by the institutional directors and members of the 4 partner universities who discussed: Course curriculum template, Digital courses content template. An analysis was made of the activities carried out so far and of the C1 activity.

3rd TPM

The 3rd TPM took place on March 21-22, 2022, in Poland, in physical format. The meeting was attended by members of the project development teams from the 4 partner universities. On the agenda of the meeting were topics such as:

  • Analysis the stage of implementation, eXelearning, and way ahead of the project
  • Discussion on dissemination plan of the project (multiplier events)
  • Presentation of Hololens 2 and application development ideas with this device


Short term joint staff training event C1

The purpose of the meeting - training the members of the project teams in the basic competencies for the design of the first objective – digital format of educational resources. The activity that took place partially in hybrid format, at Vasil Levski National Military University and Henri Coanda Air Force Academy, in September 2021, was attended by teachers, ITs from the 4 partner universities.